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Dog Styling

Each haircut is handcrafted and tailored to your wishes and to your pet needs. We offer breed specific haircuts and customized ones as well.


For our baths we use a variety of shampoos that accommodate to your pets’ skin and coat needs, leaving your pet’s coat looking amazing.

Nail Care

Nails are cut and filed, and the fur is trimmed around paws and pads to avoid matting because of debris that can cause irritation to your pet’s paws.

Dental Cleaning

We help improve your pet smile by removing tartar, polishing their teeth, disinfecting gums and teeth, and doing a plaque treatment.


This process is done by delicately brushing the fur to remove dead and excess hair from your pet.


We do have the necessary tools and resources to detangle a pet that is slightly matted. If we do not believe we can remove the mats or if we feel your pet is in any kind of discomfort, we will discuss other options.

Mobile Grooming

Woof Momma comes to your home or office location and offers you great convenience, excellent service and peace of mind. Your fur baby is groomed in a safe, less stressful environment, which results in your pet having a much more positive grooming experience.

Products and Equipment

Our grooming truck is equipped with a bathtub with hot & cold water for a soothing bath, no matter what the climate is. The truck is also equipped with an Honda Generator for all grooming electrical needs, dryers, electric grooming table, which raises and lowers to your pets convenience, air conditioning, furnace, vacuum and top-of-the-line products, tools and equipment.

About Momma

I am a very passionate animal lover and momma to Jake, Bruno, Luca, Giuliano, Titi, and grand momma to Mr. Darcy. I value a compassionate approach to grooming and I firmly believe that our pets are part of our family, therefore I treat them with the same love and care that I give my own. I love forming close relationships with my furry clients and hope to make their experience the most enjoyable one. Your pet’s safety and comfort are my primary concern.

Momma's Family


My first fur baby, gave us 18 years of happiness and unconditional love. He will always be in my heart. ❤


He is the leader of the pack. The big Alpha Boss-man. Strict, but also the one with the biggest heart.


The littlest and grumpiest of them all. The one allowed to do anything and everything, as my kids all him “the untouchable dog.” We rescued him after seeing his case on the news.


This big-gentle giant is daddy’s boy and ruler of the couch. Loves to cuddle when allowed, and cries like a baby when the others take something that he wants. If he only knew how big he is.

La Titi

The queen of the house, and momma’s rebel girl. Loves to hang out with all the boys and behaves like she is one of them.

Mr. Darcy

The life of the party, and grandma’s boy. Sweetest one of the bunch, and the most hyper dog ever. Keeps everyone on their paws. A definite momma’s boy, my daughter’s son, not mine... she made me write this.

Just woof and we'll be there!